Public Enterprises & Industrial Reconstruction Department

51+ Years of Dedicated Service

The Department was created as 'the Closed and Sick Industries Department' out of the Commerce & Industries Department 1971 and was renamed as the 'Industrial Reconstruction Department' in December 1981 to ...

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Activities of the Department

Administration of sick State Public Sector Undertakings (SPSEs), Status monitoring of PSEs under winding up, Revival Scheme of New Central Jute Mills (NCJM), Acquisition of Jessop & Co. Ltd. & Dunlop India Ltd ...

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Administration of State Public Sector Undertakings (SPSEs)

The Department controls the following 10 SPSEs namely Saraswaty Press Ltd (SPL) and its subsidiary The West Bengal Text Book Corporation Ltd. (WBTBCL) ...

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Message from Honourable Minister-in-charge

Public Enterprises & Industrial Reconstruction Department

The Public Enterprises in West Bengal have played a vital role in the state economy. These enterprises operate in different sectors like Industry, Health, Housing, Agriculture, Tourism, etc. Liberation of economy after 1991 exposed the PSUs to international competitions and thereby Government of West Bengal adopted a unique approach to meet the challenge with a measured and phased approach.

By doing so, Government of West Bengal has been able to restructure the units by either providing smart investment or by infusion of technology and operational flexibility or through joint ventures/ undertaking strategic partners through a transparent process or even closing units which were structurally unviable due to obsolete product/technology or any other such reason.

Government of West Bengal is committed to take off restructuring of units in the state in a phased. manner by our experience gained from the earlier such phases and by striving to evolve a replicable structural framework from the restructuring done in previous years, so as to infuse new life into the PSUs/industries which require restructuring in future.

Message from Secretary

Public Enterprises & Industrial Reconstruction Department

To meet, the challenges of performance in an open market, initiatives have been taken by Govt. of W.B to restructure the PSUs by freeing the idle resources to the extreme possible for re-deployment in social and infrastructure development sectors to further the economic growth in the state.
It has been a continuous effort on the part of Govt. of WB to restructure existing Public Enterprises as well as utilising the resources to increase the industrial growth to the extent possible in current global economic scenario. The department has taken several measures to revive the industries, to assist them to run successfully. The Govt. from time to time has taken up various programmes for restructuring the loss making units in the state including private one in different phases by restructuring under Government ownership; by converting into JVs/PPP ; by inducting strategic partner(s) through a transparent process and in many cases, the unviable units were closed. Financial restructuring involved measures to restructure sponsorship by enabling units to raise necessary resources from banks. Manpower restructuring involved offering early retirement to workers to reduce the staff cost. The extent of both financial and manpower restructuring were based on expert recommendations.
We continue our endeavour to provide continuous support to ensure that the industrial reconstruction is done in a smooth way and we are committed to ensure that the industries in the state flourish in a favourable environment.


Various Support programmes undertaken by the department

The Government of West Bengal extends all kinds of support to Closed and Sick Industries across the state in form of various schems ....

Administration of State Public Sector Undertakings (SPSEs)

The Department controls the following 8 SPSEs namely

Administration of Joint Venture companies

Additionally, the following four Joint Venture companies are under the administrative control of PE & IR Department

Rules of Business of Public Enterprises & Industrial Reconstruction Department

Three sick/closed PSEs are under the process of winding up as per Decision of the Cabinet...

Revival Scheme of New Central Jute Mills (NCJM)

The matter is sub-judice. The Goverment is interested in revival of the NCJM in the interest of the workers only.

Acquisition of Jessop & Company Limited & Dunlop India Limited

The Bills regarding Acquisition of Jessop & Co. Ltd. and Dunlop India Ltd. by the GoWB is at present withheld by the President of India.


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